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  www.reknaw.com update - 2/1/15
HAPPY NEW YEAR EVRYBODY - let's kick ass in 2015 - love to you all.
Reknaw x

We are now running the rig at T Chances in Tottenham.
If anybody want to put on a show there, drop us a line and we'll help you out.
T Chances is the spot at the moment.
Apart from being the top place for punk gigs, they put on all sorts of events - check out their new website - http://t-chances.com

THE BIG NEWS is that we are setting up a record label - REKNAW RECORDS !
We have a fully equipped studio in Brixton, so if you want the REKNAW SOUND, then email us - contact@reknaw.com

If you need recording, tracking, want your stuff mixed or mastered, we will sort you right out.

We will be putting out a series of compilations under the Reknaw banner, but if you want to put out your own stuff out, we can get it up to a professional standard.

There's going to be a page up soon with all the details, but we are ready to go as soon as you are.

We also offer repairs and servicing for whatever gear you've got, so if your amp is a bit shonky or needs a revalve, let us know.

Last underground party - if you weren't there - this is some of what you missed.
Video by Tutek.
Tuteks been doing some great videos and photos, check out his youtube channel

REKNAW is a non profit collective providing the best live sound on the underground. We're one of the UK's longest running free party sound systems - from protest sites to travellers fields to the concrete wastelands of the city, wherever it's been happening, we've been there.

We are there for the community, but the community should also be there for us, we're always up for offers of help and always looking for people to get involved in any way they can.

If you've got anything interesting and you would like our collaboration, then drop us a line. I'm sure you know what I'm talking about ....

If not now ... then maybe sometime next week, if not you ... then fuck knows.


SENSER @ The 303 - video
LEFT FOR DEAD - kentish town roxy 2013 - video
NYE 2013 - montague squat - FLAK - video
NYE 2012 - peckham squat party - video
TUTEK - recent videos & photos from the scene
NEARERDARK - videos from the london punk scene
HISTORY OF REKNAW - Founder member Kel relates how it all started !



Available from our gigs or order online

£8.00 + p&p





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